Rickey Green


Rickey Green, nationally renowned roping instructor and creator of the Power Team Roping Program, is a Cimarron Ambassador because he is dedicated to passing on his all of his equine knowledge down to the last detail.


Rickey proudly hauls his horses in a Cimarron Trailer to countless clinics all over the country each year. He knows Cimarron Trailer’s smooth skin design reduces road noise and vibration which cuts down on the recovery time his horse needs after a long trip.


Rickey has been an avid horseman his whole life and has been dedicated to the sport of team roping since he was a child. In 1977 he began roping professionally and within 5 years was so well renowned that people began asking him to teach clinics. He has been teaching since 1982 and has dedicated himself full time to teaching for the last ten years. Over his competitive career Rickey has made 11 trips to the NFR, won a BFI Championship, and an NFR Average Winner title.


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