Jamie and Jo Clarke



Built tough to last is the biggest appeal for us..  Immaculate design, construction, materials and welds you know this trailer will far outlast some other 'rivetted and tinny' ones on the market.


In our extensive research before settling on the Cimarron, we found some other trailers to be lighter in weight, but now we know why... they don't use the volume and quality of fabrication materials that Cimarron do.


The customization options on every aspect of interior and exterior impressed us.

The living décor is just how we had always dreamed it to look and horse section tailored to our personal needs. It’s made travelling with our small children possible again and easy. It’s off the ponies... in the shower, cook their tea and jump into their bed with a movie! While we relax after a day at the horse event...Bliss!


The Cimarron Norstar handles our rough roads and dirt very well, tows great and with ease mostly by lady driver.


Great after sales service and warranty from Eddie & Jo Fisher, they made the whole process a breeze from ordering to pick up nothing was ever too much trouble. Wouldn't recommend to go anywhere else.


RIPROARIN' ~ PVC products ~ farrier ~ saddler items

Warmbul Quarter Horses


Teneille Clifford



We purchased our Cimarron Trailer in January 2011 and we absolutely love it!!


We travel very full on doing a lot of miles on some very ordinary roads and we have never had not one problem with our trailer which is a true testament to its strength and durability.


The living area's in these trailers are to die for, they are a real little home away from home. Storage is fantastic and everything has a spot which is great for the times that you are away for extended periods of time.


All in all we feel that the Cimarron trailers are second to none and thank our lucky stars that we travel down the road in one week in week out!!!


Judy Gough



My dream was to always import one of those American decked out goosenecks. I am now living the dream. My Cimmaron trailer is a dream come true. Now that I am by myself, there were 3 important things I was looking for in a trailer. Security, comfort and reliability. Security knowing I have no upkeep to worry about, comfort for both myself and my horses, and above all the strength and reliability of a well built trailer. The quality finish on the outside and the interior is second to none. it is faultless. My home away from home. No heavy tailgates to lift, and everything at my fingertips. Love my Cimmaron, and so does my little dog!




I have one, I love it.

Very well made and they have been tested on Australian roads for a few years by rodeo people and many others who travel the dirt roads.




Colin and Janet Barden



Testimonial for Cimarron trailer. "Strength, durability, excellent craftman ship and comfort are just some of the great qualities that we have experienced since the purchase of our three horse 28ft long CIMARRON trailer in June 2010.


This trailer has traveled extensively on the North Qld rodeo circuit and has also been used for many family recreational activities. In rural and remote regional Qld in which we call home, excellent after sale service, quality and value for your dollar is important, CIMARRON trailers are second to none, we are very proud to own such a beautiful quality trailer.



Colin and Janet Barden

 "Yammanie Station"

 Mt Garnett, Nth QLD 4871.

The “Cimarron trailer” by far outweighed the value for money, quality of the finished product and stood up very well in the resale market of second hand trailers. Meaning while using the trailer it depreciates in value a lot less than other trailers.


In our communications backwards and forwards between the importing companies, Eddie Fisher made himself available for all questions and queries, quick and knowledgeable responses. Also as Eddie has been a long time owner of Cimarron’s and have had established for sometime his importing business, Eddie was able to advise and recommend many different scenarios of present and future possibilities of what could be added and done to your trailer if you decide to do so.


We have now owned our trailer for 12mths, and Mark and I are very pleased. As I do many miles towing myself I was a little concerned how I would handle towing such a large trailer, I had only ever towed a three horse float before with our F250. I am very pleased to say the Truck tows the 4 horse Cimarron Trailer better than the 3 horse float, and I have learnt how to wheel and drive this towing combination easily.


I load and unload horses easily by myself and there is no weight shifting while travelling. The horses are cool in the heat and warm in the cold due to the roof insulation, many big open windows and vents. I do not use float guards anymore as the rubber and roomy bays make it completely safe for horses. The dividers are very solid and can easily travel a stallion next to other horses without making any alterations to how I load and travel my horses. All doors are easy to use and extremely safe with no risk of doors popping open. While camping in the living area it is private and noise blocking and it is completely water proof right through, the Cimarron Trailer is completely lockable and secure. I am able to reverse and hook up without assistance; the hook up system to Ball is very simple.


When entering a competition grounds I still can reverse and park with ease. My daughter and I will unload quickly without having to worry about heavy tailgates or wiggling and jiggling ill fitting bolts or latches, a child could easily open all doors. Tying all horses up to the tie ups and accessing our tack through a full size door makes for quick and easy saddling and that of a night when camping I can lock away all Tack safely in the same space as well as lock ourselves away in the living area.


After owning and using a Cimarron purchased through Eddie and Jo Fisher I would highly recommend these trailers. I believe Mark and I truly did our home work and made a very informative decision in the purchase of our trailer and look forward to years of continued use. If we were to up or down size we would not hesitate in purchasing another Cimarron Trailer. They have such a huge selection of trailers and floats with a huge selection of add on and extras they are able to fit the needs of many different requests of customers in the equine world.



 Jenny Moore

 "Rockin M Performance horses"

 Harlin QLD.


Jenny Moore



After doing several months research into gooseneck trailers, looking both gal steel and aluminium trailers we decided to go with aluminium trailers. We done further research on these trailers as Australia now have several importers of different brands of Aluminium Gooseneck Trailers. We viewed several different brands, looking at the quality of workmanship and pricing, available extras, with and without fitted living areas, length of time from order to receiving the product bought and delivery and also resale valuation of a second hand trailer.



From Pauline:



My search for a new Gooseneck ended when my daughter suggested I contact Eddie Fisher and peruse the Cimmaron Trailers. I was delighted with the whole concept.


I was at a remote place in Western Australia, and was able to select all I required for both inside and out, horse and living via the comprehensive online data available.


I received the Gooseneck by the expected date, and everything was as requested. The fittings and joints are particularly fantastic. I drove from Brisbane to Gayndah, and then to Emerald..there was five inches rain recorded that evening.


Not a drop of water came inside, and I had the windows open either side of my bed. On to Charters Towers where I collected a young stallion and onwards to Mt. Isa. Many road works and unsealed roads, without any dust entering inside areas. The area where the livestock stood was easy to clean and keep fresh. My guest slept in a swag in the horse area and the air-conditioning kept the room cool and the flies were kept out during the day with the fly screens.


The awnings either side were particularly well appointed and kept the tropical sun from both people and stock when we had a flat tyre en route.


My Norstar, two horse Cimmaron Trailer is my home. I live in it full time and have nothing but praise for the workmanship and the care afforded to me by both Eddie Fisher and the builders. This is the fifth gooseneck I have had and the only one with no leaks, the best insulation, and no worries for any part of the entire outfit.


I offer a viewing of my home to anyone interested, and the comments and praise are complete. The trailer has traversed the  country from Brisbane to Charters Towers, to Katherine to Broome. Sandfire to Yarrie Station and Marble Bar in the Pilbara, Port Hedland, Newman and all places south to Perth, and Quindanning. The trailer is so smooth, cups of drink can be left out on the bench without moving


David & Katrina Faust



We purchased our Cimarron Trailer from Eddie and Jo Fisher in June 2011 and we could not be happier with the product or the service we received. The trailer is very well thought out with plenty of features for man and horse. The horse area has brilliant ventilation, stacks of storage and gives your horse a five star ride. The living accommodation is very comfortable and is home away from home when we are out and about with the horses.


The trailer is strong and very well built. We have lost count of the positive comments we have received about the workmanship inside and out.


The after sales service we have received from Eddie & Jo has been fantastic. Nothing is too much trouble, from little questions you may have as you settle in to your new trailer to Eddie pulling out all the stops to get me a replacement part after I damaged the bathroom vent motor. Nothing has been a problem.


Lisa Wallace



Hi Eddie, rains coming this weekend so that will be nice.

Ok a few good words to say about my trailer.


Ultimate luxury,for horses and handlers. Every thing from hock up to loading is so easy and light wait for a lady to operate. In the hot weather the drop down windows allow great air flow for cool horses and feeding the horses on board is so easy. I like the battery power system as it allows lights and shower to operate without plugging into power which has been handy.


My fully loaded trailer tows better and better fuel economy then our horse float.

Just love this trailer, Lisa


Lorraine and Bryan



Just letting you know that we are so happy with our Cimaron trailer. It tows fantastic and it is so nice to pull up at rodeo and have everything we need. We have only taken it to only two rodeos and have used the heater at one and the air conditioner at the other. It is so comfortable that you don't want to leave it. You go compete and then come back to comfort.


On the weekend we had people coming over while the rodeo was on a break to watch the cowboys play football. We have had a lot of people coming through and having a look and we do not have one bad word to say about it or anything we would change. I loved all the touches including the bed linen that is supplied and my favourite is the barb wire print toilet paper.


Thank you for your great service and follow up phone calls.

Lorraine and Bryan

Delivered sunshine coast QLD to Perth



Brendan & Alysia


OMG float has arrived, we are so impressed, thank you so much.

More than we have imagined.

Never seen a finish like this and we have been caravaning for a long time.

Phase everything and more then we expected .


Thanks Eddie looking forward to catching up sometime.