Why Cimarron?

alloys that are prone to sagging between cross members, holding moisture, and corroding with time. Plus, Traction ridges are extruded in the surface of each flooring member, creating needed footing for livestock, and allowing air circulation under rubber floor mats. Also, our flooring is .135” thick, that’s 15% thicker than the competitions standard .125” thick sheet floor. Greater durability and longer life expectancy is the bottom line benefit.




Flooring cross members and floor decking are both integrated into the same aluminum extrusion, forming a one piece extrusion that gives you “I” beam cross members on 6” centers. These “I” beams are 2 ½” tall x 3/16” thick. This innovative design provides superior support and protection for both cargo and trailer.




Aircraft grade aluminum mainframe full length along the entire trailer, floor and nose, making the gooseneck structure an integral part of the trailer. Entire mainframe to flooring joints are mig-welded top and bottom to give you the ultimate in strength and durability. All structural aluminum extrusions are 6005A alloy with T6 temper to get the most muscle per ounce, 46,000 p.s.i. structural strength, 22 % stronger than steel yet only 1/3 the weight. Main frame consists of a 9” x ¼” bottom rail extrusion. This bottom rail is designed with 3 ¼” above the floor level and 5 ¾” below. This spacing minimizes the need to notch out the main frame member at side door and ramp openings, which weakens the frame, and still maintains an acceptable door threshold height of 3 ½”. This design creates a stronger more durable frame.




All roofs are 1/2” thick fiberglass reinforced structural panels with a R3 thermal value for the ultimate in temperature control, quietness and strength. Because it is a thermal barrier, the summer heat does not radiate through the roof and increase the interior temperature. Tests show as much as a 20-degree difference in the interior temperature compared to aluminum skinned roof. The roof panel is reinforced with 2 ½” x 1” aluminum rectangular tubing roof bows on 36” centers. Also, it will not dent when subjected to hail, tree limbs, or the occasional rank horse that throws its head up into the ceiling. We use it because it is simply the very best material available for a horse trailer roof. Besides we think you and you’re prized livestock deserve it.




Better by design. All CIMARRON side walls are framed with 2”x1 3/8” x 1/8” aluminum rectangular tubing, creating a side wall assembly 60% stronger than any side wall framed with the more common 2 ½”x1” tubing. Maximizing strength while maintaining the same weight, that’s simply better by design. Not only is this a broader cross section, it is a full four-sided tube. An easy way to save money on trailer construction is to use c-shaped or hat-channel shaped upright posts in the wall structure. An average consumer doesn’t notice the difference just by looking at the trailer, but the difference becomes significant over the long-term. At CIMARRON, we do not use c-shaped or hat channel upright posts because they are only 2/3 as strong as rectangular tubing of the same size. All CIMARRON trailers have rectangular tubing posts; we refuse to use anything else just to save money.




CIMARRON’s tubular designed door jamb combines three design concepts into one extrusion. First, we use a tubular shape for maximum strength. Second, is the inset weather stripping. Inset weather-stripping is not exposed to the elements and cannot be pulled off the edge of the door, like most of the competitions edge molding style weather-stripping can. And third, is the adjustable door catch, for an automotive door fit every time, today, tomorrow and for years to come.




Our door frame design is unmatched for strength and durability. No other trailer manufacturer even comes close to matching the CIMARRON door system. A tubular aluminum extrusion 1 11/16” thick x 6 5/8” wide spans the complete perimeter of all doors. With build in pockets for paddle latch, inset weather-stripping lip and self-aligning hinges CIMARRON doors will remain trouble free for years of dependable service. Oh by the way, we also fill all of our doors with 1 3/8” thick styrofoam for insulation and sound deadening.




Fold down safety bar grills are standard equipment on Norstar and Norstar LX models. CIMARRON safety bar grill assemblies are the strongest on the market. Perimeter framed with 1”x1”x.125” aluminum square tubing. Vertical rungs are 1 ½” x 3/16” aluminum flat bar, for added strength. Slide brackets are machined to insure function and fit. Plastic end caps finish the slide bracket ends and provide protection for horses too. Safety grills are completed with nylon acorn nuts so they glide freely and to minimize noise.




By using a special extrusion for the rear perimeter frame CIMARRON has incorporated form and function. Our trailers have a 2” radius rear corners that creates the look of a very expensive trailer, while at the same time benefiting from the added strength of an arch. No sharp corners for horses or people either, inside or out, because we also rounded the inside corners allowing for a smooth 1” radius inside frame, sides and top. After all the safety of your horse is what we’re all about. To top it all off, CIMARRON designed the door jamb and inset weather stripping lip into the rear perimeter frame, creating a one piece all purpose structural marvel.




CIMARRON all aluminum trailers utilize a special lower rear cross member extrusion. This structural feature is 6 ¼” tall x 3 ½” wide x 3/16” thick. Designed for strength and versatility, this extrusion tongue and grooves into the floor extrusion across the full width of the trailer, has a special lip for the rubber bumper to mount onto, and has a full width rear skid flange on the bottom to hold up in the event of bottoming out.




Tapered gooseneck nose or 45 degree “V”-nose on bumper pull models, 4” radius roof rail, 2” radius sides and rear corners, rolled rocker panels around bottom of gooseneck structure, flowing side slat design, and radius running boards with body lines, for the best aerodynamics and appearance available anywhere.




Rolled rocker panels or full-length running boards are available on all models. Rolled rocker panels cover up all those unsightly structural fasteners along the bottom rail and around the gooseneck structure as seen on the competition's trailers. We even went to the trouble to add body lines to give your CIMARRON trailer that aerodynamic ground effects look and create improved aerodynamics with less wind drag. Or if you prefer, the rocker panel extrusions may be turned to a horizontal position creating full length running boards down the sides of your new CIMARRON trailer, providing easy access to feed and side doors.




Through proper design, exterior welding on all CIMARRON trailers has been minimized. All but a very few exterior welds have been eliminated to give you the smoothest, cleanest exterior possible. The few exterior welds that are present are tig welded in order to achieve the best appearance possible.




Door hinges on trailers are either a non-issue or a constant aggravation. CIMARRON door hinges consist of a 3/16” thick walled aluminum extrusion stock with pressed in aluminum caps, 3/8” diameter 304 stainless steel hinge pins, with stainless steel washer between upper & lower half to eliminate wear. Welded into place onto self-aligning door jamb/frame, no mechanical fasteners to loosen and wear out. On all full height doors we use at least, four hinges, for longer life and to prevent long term sagging. However, regardless how much care and effort we have put into this CIMARRON trailer feature, no one notices, and we like it that way.




All CIMARRON trailers exterior smooth skin is attached with 1” wide 3M VHB structural grade tape. VHB tape is a 100% pure acrylic adhesive. Featuring 1” overlapping seams, this bonding system creates smooth clean skins minimizing distortion. Rated at 32 lbs. per square inch, the continuous bond of VHB tape is stronger than mechanical fasteners, seals out the weather, and lowers the noise level in the trailer by reducing vibration.




6’-10” Body width is the widest body width available with no interior fender well. Most competitor’s trailers that do not have any interior fender well are only 6’-8” wide. The extra interior space is always welcomed by your horses and the no interior fender well design is cleaner and safer too.




User friendly, bolted on fenders. Fenders are always prone to damage, if its not a gas pump or a gate post, it is a flat tire that is not noticed until it heats up and comes apart, taking the fender with it. Regardless the reason, fenders get damaged and have to be replaced from time to time. Most competitors’ trailers have welded on fenders and are expensive and time consuming to replace. By bolting fenders on, they can be easily changed in just a few minuets, saving time and money.




8’-2” long low profile gooseneck hitch assembly standard. More length allows for greater turning freedom and easier access between vehicles, plus the extra room inside is always of benefit. CIMARRON’s low profile design creates up to 8” more usable interior gooseneck height, by tying the hitch between the mainframe members not under them. Heavy-duty 48” long hitch is framed with 4”x3”x1/4” structural steel tubing and gooseneck stem is reinforced with 36” gussets, for the brute strength required in today’s towing. All main frame joints reinforced with ¼” thick steel “L” gussets, for maximum durability. Hitch assembly is installed with 48 Huck permanent structural fasteners.




5” aluminum channel A-Frame on all bumper hitch models. CIMARRON’s all aluminum tongue is a structural part of the over all trailer frame, not a steel added on part that will rust and need to be repainted. Stronger, lighter and corrosion free, benefits you’ve come to expect from all aluminum trailers.




Axle frame for 6’-10” wide bodies are 3”x2”x3/16” angles between axles and mainframe, to evenly distribute load. Axle frame for 8’-0” wide bodies are trolley assemblies consisting of 4”x3”x1/4” tubing cross members and 5”x3”x1/4” axle rails. Installed with 48 Huck permanent structural fasteners. The foundation of every CIMARRON trailer.




Rubber ride torsion axles are standard on all CIMARRON aluminum trailers. The torsion suspension system features progressive torque action and independent wheel movement, to provide the maximum in shock absorption and handling characteristics. Totally cushioned in rubber for a smooth quiet ride. Low profile for maximum road clearance. Plus, bearing protection has never been easier than with E-Z lube, which allows you to grease both inner and outer bearings for a complete repack, while still on the trailer. Rubber ride torsion axles with E-Z lube hubs provide optimum protection with minimum maintenance, for peace of mind every mile of the way.




Radial tires are always standard. You put radial tires on your truck because they last longer, have higher load capacities, roll easier, are more resistant to road hazards, and they are simply safer too. Why would anybody put anything less on his or her trailer? Radial tires are standard equipment on CIMARRON aluminum trailers because the best shouldn’t cost you anything extra.




ALL gooseneck trailers come standard with adjustable height self-centering 2 5/16” couplers. This state of the art system allow for easy hook-ups and proper leveling. All bumper hitch trailers come with 2 5/16” high capacity couplers. These couplers feature simple positive lock hook-up, to take the guesswork out and put peace of mind in your trailering experience.




Drop shoe parking jacks with removable crank handles come standard on gooseneck models. Our flush jack handle stem doesn’t protrude out past the side skin, this eliminates the possibility of running into or getting hung up on it. Easily accessible, jack handles are stored just inside the gooseneck gusset, rather than dangling from the end of the jack stem. Oh by the way, while we were at it we thought it might be nice for the jack handle to double as an extra wheel lug wrench too. Bumper hitch models feature top wind jacks with removable caster wheels.




Wherever possible, stainless steel hardware and fasteners are used to complement the over all value of your CIMARRON aluminum trailer. Stainless steel bolts, hinge pins, divider latches, door hold-backs and ramp springs, are maintenance free and have absolutely no rust.




All electrical wiring is color-coded and runs overhead, encapsulated in the top roof rail. 14-gauge heavy-duty wiring connected with corrosion resistant silicone gel wire clips means years of trouble free service. 10-gauge wiring for auxiliary lights and for brakes. Rubber mounted sealed beam taillights, dome lights and rear load lights. Along with sealed beam LED lights for long life and easy maintenance. And of course, all DOT required safety features, electric brakes, break-a-way unit with battery, and conspicuity tape are standard equipment too.




Our windows feature tinted automotive tempered safety glass, insect screens, black extruded aluminum frames, and aluminum bar grills in the stall area. Our standard windows are 15” high and are as wide as feasible, which is why we use 34” wide widows at the rear of all our enclosed stall areas.




Eight (8) year limited warranty on mainframe and super structure; 1 year limited warranty on all moving parts and supplied components.



CIMARRON aluminum trailers are price competitive to a very sensitive market place. Our standard models will compete dollar for dollar across the board. What makes us different is that CIMARRON will customize a trailer for our customers starting with our competitively priced standard models. Most of our competitors will customize also, if they can start the base price several thousand dollars higher.




Every NORSTAR and NORSTAR LX trailer model is available with either an extruded aluminum side slat and .050 white exterior finish or an ALL .050 white smooth skin exterior finish, both at the same price. We give you the choice to pick the trailer finish you want, not just the one you can afford.




Each flooring/cross member extrusion is tongue and grooved along each edge, interlocking each flooring section together across the full width of the trailer, creating the strongest flooring member possible. By using an 6005A-T6 aluminum extrusion for the flooring you get the best corrosion resistance possible, unlike the common 3105 aluminum sheet